Castle Milk Stout
Castle Milk Stout

Castle Milk Stout

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Right now: ca. 3-4 days Right now: ca. 3-4 days
20 bottle
0.54 kg per bottle
2,59 EUR
7,85 EUR per 1L

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MHD: 30.05.2024
Enjoy this original favourite Jungle oats as your breakfast.
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Biltong - Fatty

Fatty Biltong made to our secret recipe of spices.

Slabs can be pre-ordered when we start a batch. Whatever is not ordered is then cut into slices.  Please note that if you order slabs, your order will only be dispatched when the slabs are harvested.

Current batches:
Please check in the Saffa Shop Group in facebook for the status of the current batches.

Beef, Vinegar, Coriander, Salt, Sucrose, Black Pepper, Flavouring.

May contain gluten in the spices, i.e. soy wheat gluten.

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Imbo Samp & Beans

BB: 08.12.2023
The perfect mix for samp and beans.

Maize, red speckled beans.

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Gem Squash

Harvested in calendar week 35.
4-5 gems per bag. Average weight per gem is between 180g to 280g.
The Gem Squash lasts about 8-10 weeks once harvested. Please store out of direct sunlight in a dry, well-ventilated area.
Please note that these are grown in Germany, so some slight taste and colour differences may be different to that in South Africa.


4,85 EUR
4,85 EUR per 1kg